I just saw this week a new trailer of an incredible movie that will be coming soon. It’s all about the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Here’s the Trailer of the New Movie called: The Impossible   While checking this video I figured out I was just there at the same place around 8 years […]

2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Price: $149,400 Website: Ebay Aston Martin counts the Vantage V-8 as its entry-level car; costing $119,000 for the coupe, $133,000 for the convertible. Manual transmissions are standard; automatics cost more. Buyers can also opt for more powerful S versions, and also a Vantage with a V-12 engine, which makes the […]

What about Vietnam now… It is really not the same thing as the paradise islands I’m used too after this crazy trip. No beaches here. Only big big old and trashed city. I was the the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It looks to me like a real big Chinatown. It smells good in the city […]

I finished my trip in Bangkok. I had to take my plane back from Bangkok to Montreal. I passed around 7 days just near Khao san Road and wow it was so nice. The first time I been in Bangkok I didn’t found it that nice. I felt really strange in this crazy city. But […]

If you go to Indonesia in Bali you really to see Gili island. This is wonderful. I really liked this super small island. There’s no motorbike, no car, only bicycle and horses. You can go all around the island by bike in almost 1h, that if you go slowly. It is really cute place. There’s […]